About Us
Pear Yacht began in 1931. Juzo Kawaguchi started the company in Tokyo, Japan and named "Kawaguchi Juzo Thread Shop" to serve the embroidery and sewing industries with a variety of silk threads.

The company was successful and in 1952 was incorporated. Concurrently, its name was changed to Kawaguchi Shoji Co.,Ltd.

In 1955, we embarked on the manufacture of rayon machine embroidery thread to satisfy the then growing demand for its silky lustre and reasonable price. Our rayon thread features a vat-dye process that made it renowned for its unparalleled colour fastness, particularly for its stronger resistance to sunlight and chlorine than other brand rayons.

In 1964, we opened up a new production facility in Ibaragi , Japan, called Yacht Thread Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. In 1967, we started manufacturing specialty threads for embroidery and decorative applications to answer the call from apparel manufacturers.

In 1975, Kihachiro Kawaguchi, the eldest son of the founder, took office as President to run the company.

In 1983, we had our first overseas distributor in Taiwan with a view to providing our unique and value-added products to the world market. We now have exclusive distribution arrangements with a number of overseas companies.

Since "PEARL YACHT" became a well-established name widely known to the industry for its highest quality, in 1992 we decided to change the company name to Pearl Yacht Corporation. Selling through five authorized local distributors, we have the largest market share here in Japan.

What we manufacture has something differential to help make our customers more profitable. Also it is our objective to provide our customers with the finest possible quality and service.