Softeene G (#15) is a 300 denier 2-ply thread. Made of conjugated acrylic fiber, it is specifically designed for chenille and chain stitch embroidery. Available in 103 colours on 930 meter cones.

Softeene MX-U(#25), different from all other Acrylic threads, is made of 60% acrylic and 40% wool. Dyed acrylic and non-dyed wool are twisted together to provide a tweed like appearance. Most suitable for embroidery on knitted garments and also for chenille and chainstitch embroidery applications. It is available in 102 variegated colour including 3 plain colours, on 1,200 meter cones.

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Pearl Yacht 100% acrylic embroidery thread is available in many different sizes for machine embroidery and decorative stitching applications. This highly-engineered acrylic thread features a silky and soft texture with low specific gravity. Its unique colour forming offers a graceful lustre, not too much sheeny and not too much dull. It is durable and exceptionally dye fast.

ACRYLIC Embroidery Thread